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Professional Conference Marketing Services

Professional Conference Marketing Services

Aconf has much experiences in professional academic conference services field. We are prepared to provide customized marketing services for domestic and international academic conferences of all scales.
1. Activities and brand optimization tips
2. Accurate online & offline marketing, increasing numbers of website visitors and registered users
3. Timely customer tracking and customer care, improving conversion rates
4. Full customer service, reducing the pressure on conference organizers



Affairs of Conference Services

We provide professional one-stop conference service at a favorable price with flexibility to customize.

- The meeting planning 

Personnel, facilities, publishing and event planning and budget.

- Pre-conference

(A) Preparatory:
1. Venue negotiation
Signed venue, hotel, exhibition grounds, and food & beverage related contracts
2. The promotional copy and materials preparation
3. Committee invitation
4. Sponsors, media and other support organization invitation
(B) Conference marketing:
1. Make plan of Submission, gathering participants and exhibitions
2. Make full use of organizations and committees
(C) Conference preparation:
1. Make marketing plan practically

- Mid-conference

1. Participants reception
2. Accommodation and food arrangement
3. Guest reception
4. The venue arrangements

- After the conference

 Conference equipment lease, materials printing, meeting place layout, conference reception, catering, meeting activities, hotel reservations, tourism and social activities etc.



Affairs of Conference Services
Publishing Services

Publishing Services

- Chinese papers publishing service

We have good channels of cooperation with China Communications Press and China University of Geosciences Press and many other Chinese publishers, and we would like to contact those publishers for you.

- English papers publishing service

We have good channels of cooperation with IEEE, Springer, Atlantis, World Scientific, Nova Publisher, Curran Associates, IET and SAP publishers, and most of them have a good Ei Compendex CPCI data and retrieve records.

- Journal publishing service

Recommended papers to English journal under proceedings of cooperation;
Application of some magazine or periodical supplements.

- Proceedings data register, download, and sales services.

- Abstract indexing submission service

We have a great cooperative relationship with China CNKI and Wanfang Data, and proceedings can be submitted to the two databases.
In addition, we can also assist in the proceedings submitted to the Ei Compendex and CPCI other databases.



Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation Services

- Efficient conference website translation services

Release conference in multi-language and create international conference brand.

- Professional conference simultaneous interpretation service

Solve language problems for international conferences and make academic communication easier.

- Professional paper translation service

Professional translation team, 100 professional translation fields, aiming to increase international recognition of papers.

Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation Services


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