2016-10-19~2016-10-21 Curicó, Chile


Engineering Faculty of the University of Talca, Chile, ACCA and IEEE Chile have a privilege, a pride and joy to be the host of one of the more tradition in Chile and Latin America, how is the XXII Congress of the Chilean Association of Automatic Control ACCA, joint to IEEE International Conference on Automatica, IEEE ICA-ACCA2016,

Undoubtedly, IEEE ICA/ACCA2016 is an excellent opportunity to meet researchers, professional and enterprises involved; to be update important advances in science and technology issues for researchers, academics and professionals from the areas of electrical, electronics, computer science, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering; and to enhance knowledge, promotion and to share experiences and learning.

In this version, some of the topics of the agenda are Mining, especially those concerning sustainability issues, matters little even developed internationally as, for example, those problems associated with socio-environmental impacts on local communities. Also, Energy and its strategic disadvantages associated with the generation, distribution, efficiency and use of it; and others one important for ours countries.

As in the past, Conference will have international keynote speakers to share their views on the current global scenario of innovation, science and technology. It will be a valuable opportunity to project these matters short, medium and long term. In addition, they will be a useful instance to become increasingly important in the development of their fields.

You are welcome to attend, to share knowledge, to tie networks of friendship and cooperation between professionals, academics and students in the areas of the Conference.


All accepted papers will be published by IEEE Xplore Best papers will be proposed to Journals ISI Web of Science



  1. Information Technologies
  2. Power Energy Systems
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Communication Systems
  5. Computer Systems
  6. Computer Networks
  7. Informatics and Software Engineering
  8. Industrial Automation
  9. Power Electronics
  10. Industrial Electronics
  11. Industrial Applications
  12. Control Theory and Applications
  13. Process Control
  14. Advanced Control: neural networks, fuzzy sets, genetic algorithms
  15. Industrials Communications
  16. Artificial Intelligence
  17. Computational Intelligence
  18. Robotics and Automation. FMS
  19. Image Processing. Computer vision
  20. Signal Processing
  21. Sensor Networks
  22. Biomedical Engineering
  23. Engineering Education
  • 重要日期
    • 会议日期: 2016-10-19 ~ 10-21
    • 初稿截稿日期:2016-07-10
    • 终稿截稿日期:2016-09-02
    • 初稿录用通知日期:2016-08-25
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    • Miss Scarlett
      • 邮箱: scarlett@aconf.org
      • 电话: +8627-88875258
  • 会议网站:http://acca.aconf.org
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