2017-07-09~2017-07-12 Honolulu,USA


Grouting 2017 will focus on new technologies and current practice related to Grouting, Deep Mixing, and Diaphragm Wells. The conference will also give you an opportunity to update and expand your technical knowledge with keynote and technical sessions, panel discussions, and short courses.

The Grouting Technical Committee of the Geo-Institute (G-I) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the International Conference Organization for Grouting (ICOG) are organizing the 5th International Grouting Conference. This conference will focus on new technologies and current practice related to grouting, deep mixing, and diaphragm walls.

Since 1982, international grouting conferences have been held every ten years in New Orleans. At the last conference in 2012, there was general agreement that the 10-year interval was too long and would be changed to a 5-year interval. In that time, there had been more innovative advances in the engineering and practice of grouting applications than could be adequately explored at any one conference, and the industry needed—and deserved—a shorter interval. 


  • Grout Materials

  • Properties of Grouted Materials

  • Verification and Monitoring of Grouting, Diaphragm Walls, and Deep Mixing

  • Techniques Equipment

  • Innovations and Development in Ground Treatment Technology

  • Grouting for Seismic Retrofit and Remediation

  • Case Studies in Applications of Grouting and Deep Mixing

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    • 会议日期: 2017-07-09 ~ 07-12
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    • 终稿截稿日期:2017-01-04
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