Is to bring together a group of high-quality academics, researchers and practitioners with the explicit aim of exhorting the invention, discovery and development of methodologies, algorithms and technologies for scientific, commercial and intelligent.

CNTIA differs from other classical events in its stated focus on knowledge management; artificial and computational intelligence; databases; EP; SOA; reuse of software and hardware; CBR; system systems; space and health care systems; multimedia; internal security; the semantic web ; cloud computing, parallel and distributed and ad hoc networks that are among which the technologies that are changing the way we live. CNTIA group both theory and application; it respects, accepts and publishes quality work as defined by its theme which, at the same Time, never never limit its objective and declared pathos.

In addition, CNTIA'19 is scheduled, in its first release, to support the development of technologies and applications for purely scientific purposes and to find strategic solutions to collaborate in its future issues with the industrial world.

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The conference includes, but is not limited to, the areas listed below:

Systems of systems
Web and mobile search
Information Systems and Web Technologies
IT security
Reuse and integration into VLSI / SoC
Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition
Fuzzy and Neural Systems
The command is the observation of nonlinear systems
Ad hoc Networks and Distributed Systems
Unification of data models (UML, XML, etc.) and ontologies
Security, confidentiality and survivability
Internet of Things
Reuse in modeling and simulation
Advanced algorithms
Human-computer interaction
Recommendation systems
Representation and knowledge management
Automation, integration and reuse between applications
Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
Augmented and virtual reality
Multimedia systems and applications
Industrial data
VANet and Mobile Sensor Networks.
Data mining and big data
Internet Banking & ePayment Systems
Smarts house and Smart city
New Trends (M-Learning, U-Learning, M-business, e-health,  eGovernment  ,  eTourism, eHealth   , etc.)


Honorary Chair

  • Pr Wehb Fethallah TEBBOUNE, Rector of the University of Saida
  • Pr Larbi BOUMEDIENNE, Dean of the technology faculty.

General Chair 

  • Kheireddine MEKKAOUI

Co-General Chair 

  • Aissa FELLAH

Program Committee Chair

  • Abdellatif RAHMOUNE

Program Committee

Azzeddine BOUKERCHE  - University of  Toronro, Canada

Attila Elçi - University of Aksaray , Turkey

Abdelatif  RAHMOUN  - ESI SBA, Algeria

Gianluigi FERRARI - University of  Parma, Italy

Amine ABDELMALEK - GeCoDe Lab, University of Saida, Algeria

Zhenlong LI - University of South Carolina, USA

Mostefa BELARBI - LIM Laboratory, University of  Tiaret , Algeria

Fairouz KAMAREDDINE - Heriot-Watt University, UK

Mimoun MALKI - ESI SBA, Algeria

Yahya SLIMANI - LISI Laboratory - INSAT, Tunisia

Mohammed BENMOHAMMED - University of  Constantine, Algeria

Abdelaziz KHADRAOUI - University of Geneva,  Switzerland

Reda  ADJOUJ - UDL SBA, Algeria

Abdellah IDRISSI - Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco

Abderrahmane YOUSFATE  - UDL SBA, Algeria

Elarbi BOUDHIR - ESI SBA, Algeria

Parameshwar P. IYER - Indian Institute Of Science, India

Bouabdellah KECHAR - University of Oran 1 Ahmed Benbella, Algeria

Christos BOURAS - University of Patras, Greece

Okba KAZAR - University of  Biskra, Algeria

Mahmoud GOUASMI - University of Blida  , Algeria

Eliseo CLEMENTINI - University of L'Aquila, Italy

Reda Mohamed HAMOU - University of Saida, Algeria

Kamel Mohamed FERAOUN - UDL SBA, Algeria

Catarina Ferreira Da Silva - University of Lyon, France

Djouhra DAD - University of Oran, Algeria

Farouk BOUHARAOUA - University of Mostaganem, Algeria

Hadj Ahmed BOUARARA- University of Saida, Algeria

Boudjelal MEFTA H- Universiry of Mascara, Algeria

Ahmed ZAHAF - University of Saida, Algeria

Abou El Hassan BENYAMINA - University of Oran - Algeria

El Abbassia DEBA - University of Oran - Algeria

Sofiane BOUKLI HACENE - UDL SBA , Algeria

Ahmed HAFAIFA - AAID Laboratory, University of Djelfa, Algeria

Ghalem BELALEM - University of Oran1, Algeria

Ahmed BOUACHRIA - ESI SBA, Algeria

Ahmed LOUAZANI - Oran University, Algeria

Farouk BOUHARAOUA - Université de Mostaganem, Algeria

Adil TOUMOUH - UDL SBA, Algeria

Khaled BENMERIEM - University of Mascara, Algeria

Fatiha BARIGOU - University Oran 1, Algeria

Bouabdellah KECHAR - University Oran 1, Algeria

Brahim LEJDEL - University of EL-Oued, Algeria

Mohamed MANAA - University of Telemcen, Algeria

Baghdad OTHMANI - University of Oran, Algeria

Mohamed SALEM - University of Mascara, Algeria

Hafida BELBACHIR - LSSD Laboratoty, USTO M B ORAN, Algeria

Nabil KESKAS - ESI SBA, Algeria

Fatima DEBBAT - University of Mascara, Algeria

Abdelkrim CHIKH - University of Telemcen, Algeria

Abdelrazek BRAHIMI - University of Oran, Algeria

Djelloul BOUCHIHA - University of Naama, Algeria

Djamel BERRABAH - UDL SBA, Algeria

Meriem MEDDBER - University of Mascara, Algeria

Sidi Mohamed BENSLIMANE - ESI SBA, Algeria

Djamel BENSABER - ESI SBA, Algeria

Oum El Kheir  NAOUI - University of Es-Senia, Algeria

Organization committee chair 

  • Ahmed ZAHAF

Organization Committee

  • Djlloul MOKADEM
  • Hadj Ahmed BOUARARA
  • Fakhreddine HACHEMI
  • Mahmoud FAHSI
  • Hamza TEGGAR
  • Abdelkrim HOUACINE
  • Mohamed  RAHMANI
  • Zakaria BENDAOUED
  • Said LIMAM
  • Abdelkrim LATRECHE
  • Ahmed MAKHLOUF


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    15 Mar.



    17 Mar.


  • 01 Dec.


    Abstract submission deadline

  • 30 Dec.


    Draft paper submission deadline

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