1129 / 2019-05-20 23:57:39
A Small Sampling Interval Based an improved Traveling Wave Protection Scheme for VSC-HVDC Transmission Lines
VSC-HVDC transmission lines;,traveling wave protection;,small sampling interval;,protection sensitivity
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The paper focuses on the use of high-frequency sampling to solve the sensitivity problem of protection, and proposes a protection criterion to suppress the noise interference caused by a sampling interval. In order to suppress the interference caused by high sampling rate, it is proposed to use the polar wave slope ratio as a criterion to distinguish between lightning interference and short-circuit fault, to prevent protection from malfunction caused by lightning strike DC line, and to change polarity and polar wave difference according to polar wave. The value resolves the fault pole and the non-fault pole.The analysis and simulation verification are carried out in PSCAD/EMTDC and matlab environments, and the results verify the effectiveness of the new protection.
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