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Effects of Control Algorithms on Transient Recovery Process in UHVDC Transmission SystemDraft Accepted

Fang Yu*, Jie Guo, Yuying Wu, Feihong Yu

#Plenary Track

Fault Protection Strategy and Switching Overvoltage in a 500 kV MMC-HVDC GridDraft Accepted

Xue Han, Wenxia Sima*, Ming Yang, Licheng Li, Tao Yuan, Zhengzheng Fu

#Plenary Track

Study on reliability evaluation technology for isolation switch operation in GISDraft Accepted

Yuchen Lu*, Shuang Li, Chong Li

#Plenary Track

A New Method for Faulty Location in Distribution Systems Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Signal DistanceDraft Accepted

jie sun*, jianan lou, zexin feng, mengmeng gao, pu li, jianwen zhao

#Plenary Track

A fault line selection method based on zero-mode componentsDraft Accepted

Zexin Feng*, jie sun, jianan lou, pu li, mengmeng gao, jianwen zhao

#Plenary Track

A Single-Ended Fault Location Method for DC Line Based on Active SignalDraft Accepted

Bing Guo*, Guobing Song, Junjie Hou, Lei Wu, Wei Han

#Plenary Track

A New Principle of DC Distribution Line Over-Current Protection for Solid-State Transformers Based on Current DerivativeDraft Accepted

Jian Xue*, Lei Wu, Chenqing Wang, Xiangping Kong

#Plenary Track

Impedance Modeling of D-PMSG Considering Currents Frequency CouplingDraft Accepted

Saijun Yuan*, Zhiguo Hao, Hongyue Ma, Jin Shu

#Plenary Track

New Principle of DC Line Back-up Protection for The Whole Process of FaultDraft Accepted

Junjie HOU*, Guobing Song, Lishuai Yin, Bing Guo, Wei Han

#Plenary Track

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