International leaders in rehabilitation, health management, prevention and recovery will discuss the latest findings and recommendations in microbiomics and genomics and their impact on treatments and everybody´s daily life. Alongside high leveled academic and scientific experts, the conference also invites the healthy lifestyle and healthy ageing industries from the food, beverage, cosmetics, power food, dietary supplement and pharmaceutic sectors to present their latest innovations and new product launches.

The conference includes an exhibition and numerous opportunities for commercial branding in accordance with scientifically approved knowledge and standards.

The New Rehabilitation community is advertised in the press and in an industry guide released by AIRS for participants at this conference and all future events.

Please check the website for information about conditions of registration, sponsoring and calls for speakers with an international reputation to take part. The conference is supported through a partnership with Sorehsa AG, Switzerland. 



Participant (Common)

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CNY  250.00

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Participant non-profit (Common)

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CNY  220.00

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Medical/Rehabilitation Professional (Common)

1 day: 80€
2 days: 120€

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Students (Common)

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Call for paper


Please check the website for information about conditions of registration, sponsoring and calls for speakers with an international reputation to take part. 

For questions, please contact the following adress:


Topics of submission

The topics in the agenda are arranged around many critical questions and we call for the medical and industrial elite to generate answers for:

How can we make sure to take the right supplements for the individual health condition?

What are the true benefits of wearables?

Where can we get certified advice in the product landscape?

Which role does the skin microbiome play for the future cosmetic?

How can we determine the genetic constitution susceptible for anti-ageing strategies and exercise?

How far can we educate our microbiome by lifestyle, nutrition, exercises, habits?

How far are we with predictive genomics?

Which are revolutionary health 2.0 developments?

Where are risks and dangers? Who controls quality?

Can resilience be trained?

NMI: Neuro-Microbiome-Immunology replaces PNI?

Which health industries and product supports are science based rising stars?

What are the key insights and state of art in scientific microbiomics and genomics?

1000 dietary supplements: which do we need in the light of the new rehabilitation approach?

International formulas and recipes for healthy food?

Healthy food designer: a new profession?

What is allowed in sports training and where are the borders against doping?

Power food: a marketing gimmick or what is the accredited and acknowledged formula?

Regulatory initiatives by associations and governmental bodies: what is the current framework and who sets global standards?


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    31 May.



    01 Jun.


  • 15 Apr.


    Draft paper submission deadline

Contact information

  • Paula Schwenke
  • +41 61 535 79 09