On time-invariant FDA beam-pattern design based on time-dependent frequency offset
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Beam-patterns produced by the traditional FDA are time variant, and this causes difficulties in target detecting and beam-pattern steering. For solving the problem, several time-dependent frequency offsets based time-invariant FDA beam-pattern design methods have been proposed, which, however, neglected the time-range relationship and led to erroneous conclusions. In this note, considering the practical constraint and the relationship between time and range, it is concluded that FDA beam-patterns are always time-variant and it is unable to form time-invariant beam-patterns.
Frequency diverse array; time-dependent frequency offset; time-invariant beam-pattern; time-range relationship
Jiantao Shi
Nanjing Research Institute of Electronic Technology & CETC, China

Submission Author
Jiantao Shi Nanjing Research Institute of Electronic Technology & CETC, China
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