An Improved Scheme for High-Resolution Point Cloud Map Generation Based on FMCW Radar
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For the frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar, the angle resolution of the generated point cloud map (PCM) is limited by the number of receiver antennas and the interference of multi-target environments. This paper proposes an improved scheme for high-resolution PCM generation based on a 77 GHz FMCW radar system. The scheme consists of a method to synthesize an equivalent virtual array based on the time-division multiplexing (TDM) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technique and an improved target detection algorithm based on multi-channel fusion. The results show that the proposed scheme could suppress the noise floor and improve the accuracy of target detection by 1.33 times compared to a conventional constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detector in a multi-target environment. Moreover, by applying the proposed scheme, the angle resolution of the PCM generated by the radar system reaches 1.3022 degrees.
FMCW radar; TDM-MIMO; virtual array; high-resolution; point cloud map (PCM)
Qiangwen Zheng
Zhejiang University, China

Submission Author
Qiangwen Zheng Zhejiang University, China
Yaping Xie Zhejiang University, China
Lijie Yang Zhejiang Lab, China
Junjie Li Zhejiang University, China
Chunyi Song Zhejiang University, China
Zhiwei Xu Zhejiang University, China
Kai Ding Zhejiang Institute of Standardization, China
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