An Anti-jamming Method Against Frequency Diverse Array for ISAR Radar by Spatial Location Feature Recognition
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By means of frequency-shifting jamming processing of target echo signal and pulse compression in imaging processing, group of false targets will appear in different spatial locations around the true target. The feature extraction of false targets is complex and limited in existing countering methods. In this paper, an anti-jamming method against frequency diverse array (FDA) is proposed to identify the spatial location characteristics of the deception false targets. By adjusting the parameters of the radar transmitting signal, the method simultaneously transmits the anti-jamming signal and carries out the false target identification and elimination in the range dimension. Eventually, the optimal signal parameter design of anti-jamming signal is given by comparing with the range resolution. The validity of the proposed method is proved by deducing the mathematical model between the spatial distribution characteristics of the false targets and the radar transmitting signal parameters and demonstrated by simulation.
frequency diverse array; inverse synthetic aperture radar; anti-jamming; spatial location feature recognition
Liu Zhidong
Air Force Enginnering University, China

Submission Author
Liu Zhidong Air Force Enginnering University, China
Kai-ming Li Institute of Information and Navigation, AFEU, China
Ying Luo Inst. of Telecommunication Engineering, AFEU, China
Qun Zhang Institute of Telecommunication Engineering, AFEU, China
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