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3rd International Conference on Biofilms (Asia-Pacific Biofilms 2021) will be held during May 12-16, 2021 in Guangzhou, China. 

Asia-Pacific Biofilms (formerly known as ChinaBiofilms) is a series of biennial international conferences on Microbial Biofilms. The conference is based on EuroBiofilms and ASM Biofilms models, highlighting academic and international characteristics.  1st International Symposium on Biofilms (ChinaBiofilms 2017) and 2nd International Conference on Biofilms (ChinaBiofilms 2019) were held on October 20-22, 2017 and October 9-13, 2019 respectively. Among them, 52 experts were invited to report in ChinaBiofilms 2019, and nearly 500 scholars from home and abroad participated in the conference. Professor Tom Coenye, President of ESBG of the European highest level Microbiological Society, presented in the annual report of "Biofilm Bash" in 2019 that the conference and EuroBiofilms (Biennial) sponsored by European and American highest level Microbiological Societies (ESCMID in Europe and ASM in the United States) and ASM Biofilms (once every three years) is also known as one of the three major international conferences in the field of Biofilms, which is the largest and highest level academic conference in Asia.

Through consultation with Eurobiofilms and ASM Biofilms organizing committee, 3rd International Conference on Biofilms (Asia-Pacific Biofilms 2021) will be held on May 2021, and Eurobiofilms 2021, and the 9th ASM Biofilms will be held on September and November of the same year. At the same time, Asia-Pacific Biofilms will host the 4th International Conference on Biofilms (Asia-Pacific Biofilms 2022) from October 20 to 24, 2022, and will be held every two years thereafter.

Asia-Pacific Biofilms 2021 will cover subjects including characteristics of biofilms, quorum sensing in biofilms, industrially- and clinically- relevant biofilms and emerging technologies on biofilms. In the relevant fields, distinguished scholars are invited to make presentations as the keynote speakers, and young scientists with latest research findings from various disciplines are also invited for oral presentations. This is undoubtedly the best opportunity for participants to present the recent progress and foster new collaboration. Asia-Pacific Biofilms 2021 also builds a bridge between Chinese and international universities or enterprises.

The conference committee will make every effort to present a memorable and valuable biofilm conference and we are sinerely looking for your participation in Guangzhou city on May,2021.

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