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My Presentations
Single Pulse Short-Circuit Failure Mechanism of 1200V Asymmetric Trench SiC MOSFETs
Zhaoxiang Wei Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Room2 /S7&S8 2021-08-27 16:30 ~ 16:45
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
Multiple UIS Ruggedness of 1200V Asymmetric Trench SiC MOSFETs
Wei Huang University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Room2 /S5&S6 2021-08-27 09:00 ~ 09:15
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
A Layout Optimization Method to Reduce Commutation Inductance of Multi-Chip Power Module Based on Genetic Algorithm
Yu Zhou PhD Student Zhejiang University
Room1 /S3&S4 2021-08-27 15:45 ~ 16:00
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
Chao Liu Technical University of Denmark
Room2 /S7&S8 2021-08-27 15:15 ~ 15:30
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
Optimized Parameter Selection Method of Driving Circuit for SiC MOSFET
Haihong Qin Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Room2 /S5&S6 2021-08-27 10:00 ~ 10:15
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
Analysis of an Output Series High Voltage Gain Impedance Source Circuit Based on SiC Switch
Qing Cheng China;School of Electrical Engineering and Automation; Harbin Institute of Technology; Harbin
Room1 /S3&S4 2021-08-27 14:15 ~ 14:30
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
A Compact Model for Si/SiC IGBT in LTspice with Experimental Validation
Md Maksudul Hossain Graduate Research As UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS
Room1 /S1&S2 2021-08-27 09:15 ~ 09:30
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
Adaptive Digital Technique Assisted Hard Switching Fault Detection for SiC MOSFETs
Saravanan Dhanasekaran Research Scholar Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Room1 /S3&S4 2021-08-27 15:00 ~ 15:15
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
Intelligent DC- and AC Power-Cycling Platform for Power Electronic Components
Kaichen Zhang Research Assistant Aalborg Univeristy
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
Failure Analysis of 200V p-GaN HEMT under Unclamped Inductive Switching Conditions
Xuan Li University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Room1 /S1&S2 2021-08-27 10:30 ~ 10:45
ATTENDEE Oral Presentation
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