Research on track modeling and structure optimization of ball screw nut pair
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In this paper, based on the mechanical characteristics of the ball screw nut pair, the track modeling and optimization research are carried out. Firstly, the three-dimensional model is established by using Solidworks, and the finite element simulation of static structure of the ball screw pair is carried out in ANSYS Workbench. The equivalent stress, strain nephogram and safety factor of the ball, the screw, the nut and the ball screw pair are obtained respectively. Then, the track modeling of the ball screw nut pair is established, and the number of balls and track structure in the ball screw are further optimized to explore the optimal solution of the number of balls and track structure on the influence of the whole ball screw pair system. The research results provide some reference for the structure design and performance optimization of ball screw pair.
Ball screw pair,Track modeling,Structural optimization,Number of balls,strain nephogram
Chenyu Yang
Lanzhou University of Technology

Submission Author
Qin Wu Lanzhou University of Technology
Chenyu Yang Lanzhou University of Technology
Guozhang Chen Lanzhou University of Technology
Jianjun Yang Lanzhou University of Technology
Jie Zhang Lanzhou University of Technology
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