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Study on Electrical Characteristics of 550 kV GIL Three-post Insulator After Mechanical Load TestsFinal Paper

Ruodong Huang, Chao Gao, Fusheng Zhou, Guoli Wang, Yao Zheng*, Weiguo Li, Jinwei Chu, Wanying Liu, Changhong Zhang

Special Session > SS3 - Advanced Sensing, Monitoring and Diagnosis in Smart Grid

Fault Diagnosis Based on Data-driven Dynamic ModelFinal Paper

xuan wang*, 衍学 王, Hanfang Dai

#Data Processing Techniques

Analytical model based fault diagnosis methods of complex system: a reviewFinal Paper

Zhiwei Zeng, Heng Zhang, Qiang Miao*

#Data Processing Techniques

A Method for Constructing Indoor Navigation Networks based on IMUFinal Paper

Yujin Kuang, Yuan Yang, Yucheng Yao, Hang Lu, Haoran Yang, Xiaoguo Zhang*

Special Session > SS8 - Machine Learning for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

An Efficient Embedded Processing System for Remote Sensing Image Compression based on Heterogeneous Programmable MPSoCFinal Paper

bowen yao, Shengjian Liu, Yu Peng, Xiyuan Peng*, Liansheng Liu

#Data Processing Techniques

Weighted Basis Pursuit Denoising Algorithm and Its Application in Gear Fault DiagnosisFinal Paper

Jianghan Zhou, Shibin Wang Wang*, Xuefeng Chen Chen, Chaowei Tong Tong, Zhibin Zhao Zhao

#Compressive Sensing & Sparse Decomposition

Transformer Fault Probability Calculation Based on Analytic Hierarchy ProcessFinal Paper

Xinyi HE*, Xiao Cheng, Ming Dong, Yuanfu XU, Zhongchen YUAN

#AI Applications in Engineering

Generative Zero-shot Learning Compound Fault Diagnosis of BearingFinal Paper

Juan Xu, Kang Li*

#AI Applications in Engineering

Design and Implementation of Towered Transient Electromagnetic System for Unexploded Ordnance DetectionFinal Paper

gao tianyu*

#Measurement Systems Design, Characterization, and Evaluation

Research on the Noises Analysis of the MEMS Inertial Sensor ArrayFinal Paper

Feng Li, Xiang Xu*, Yanghao Chen, Yifan Sun

#Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion

Signal and Interference Analysis of UFMC System with Timing OffsetFinal Paper

Jingjing Wang*

#Time Frequency Analysis

Vector-tracking-based GNSS/INS Deep Coupling and Experiment Platform for Urban ScenariosFinal Paper

Zhe Yan, Laura Ruotsalainen, Ning Gao, Xiyuan Chen*

Special Session > SS5 - Advanced Control, Navigation and Signal Processing Methods for Multiple Autonomous Unmanned Systems

The Inter-turns Short Circuit Fault Detection based on External Leakage Flux Sensing and VMD-HHT Analytical Method for DFIGFinal Paper

Shouwang Zhao, Yu Chen*, Attiq Ur Rehman, Feng Liang, Shuang Wang, Wei Deng, Yong Zhao, Yong Ma, Yonghong Cheng

Special Session > SS3 - Advanced Sensing, Monitoring and Diagnosis in Smart Grid

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