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Research on the Influence of Alternate Cooling and Heating Loads on the Mechanical Stress Characteristics of the Interface of Cable Accessories
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黄靖涛 / 四川大学电气工程学院高电压实验室
孟鹏飞 / 四川大学高电压技术实验室
The interface pressure between the cable accessories and the body is the key to the stable operation of the cable. In order to study the influence of long-term cooling and heating cycles on the interface pressure of cable accessories, the test system was designed. The temperature control mode of cooling and heating cycles was used to simulate the operation state of cable. The dynamic thermo-mechanical analysis of silicone rubber materials before and after the experiment was carried out. The results show that the elastic modulus of silicone rubber material under long-term cooling and heating cycles increases significantly at the test temperature. In addition, with the increase of aging time and aging temperature, cable accessories will produce irreversible deformation, resulting in the decrease of interface pressure and the sealing performance. The experimental results was verified by finite element simulation of interface pressure based on cable accessory parameters. The research provides a theoretical basis for the early prevention and monitoring of insulation deterioration of cable accessories and helps to improve the operation stability of cable accessories.

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