Intermountain Engineering, Technology, and Computing Conference (i-ETC) is an annual event organized in unison with Utah universities through the state and made possible by educational contributions and sponsorship.

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Executive Chairs
Neil Harrison
General Chair(UVU)

Stephen Schultz
General Co-Chair(BYU)

Todd Moon
General Co-Chair(USU)

Mohammad A.S. Masoum
Advisory Chair(UVU)

Saeed Moaveni
Advisory Chair(UVU)

Kazem Sohraby
Advisory Chair(UVU)

Stefan Harlan
Sponsorship Chair & Industry Liaison(UVU)

Mohammad Shekaramiz
IEEE Liaison and Publications(UVU)

Program Chairs
Waseem Sheikh
Program Technical Chair (Engineering) (UVU)

Masood Parvania 
Program Technical Chair (Engineering)(U of U)

Rawan Al-Nsour 
Program Technical Chair (Technology)(UVU)

Tyler Bird
Program Technical Chair (Technology)(UVU)

Jingpeng Tang
Program Technical Chair (Computing)(UVU)

John Edwards
Program Technical Chair (Computing) (USU)

Khaled Shaaban
Education Technical Chair
(Engineering, Technology and Computing)(UVU)

Supporting Chairs and Organizing Committee Members
Chad Kidder (IEEE)
Publicity and Public
Relations Chair

Dan Hatch
Web Chair(UVU)

Kristin Andrews
Web Intern(UVU)

Masood Amin
Registration Chair(UVU)

Dawn Burgess
Registration Chair(UVU)

Israd Jaafar
Abstract Management & Papers (UVU)

Abdennour Seibi 
Student Competition Chair(UVU)

Afsaneh Minaie
Local Arrangements Chair(UVU)

Reza Sanati 
Local Arrangements Chair(UVU)

Conference Technical Committee
Mohammad A.S. Masoum (Chair)
Utah Valley University, USA 

Wei Wang
San Diego State University, USA

Syed Islam
Federation University, Australia

Regan Zane
Utah State University, USA

Zann Anderson
Utah Valley University, USA

Xiangjing Su
Shanghai University of Electric Power, China

Sara Deilami
Macquarie University, Australia

Keyue Smedley
University of California, Irvine, USA

Larry Zeng
Utah Valley University, USA

Dan Donahoe
Chair of IEEE Utah Section

Shanker Shrestha
Vice Chair IEEE Utah Section

Paul Moses
University of Oklahoma, USA

Farhad Shahnia
Murdoch University, Australia  

Peter Wolfs
Central Queensland University, Australia

Adel Ali
St. Cloud State University, USA

Reza Razzaghi
Monash University, Australia

Kim Brown
Utah Valley University, USA

Ahmed Abu-Siada
Curtin University, Australia

Yaser Derakhshandeh
Shahrekord University, Iran

Dongsheng Brian Ma
University of Texas at Dallas

Chad Kidder
Past Chair IEEE Utah Section

Rose Hu
IEEE Fellow, Utah State University, USA

Neil Harrison
Utah Valley University, USA

Mahdi Bojnordi
University of Utah, USA

Baigen Cai
Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Yuri Tijerino
Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

Daryoush Habibi
Edith Cowan University, Australia

Ali Karrech
University of Western Australia, Australia

S. M. Muyeen
Curtin University, Australia 

Tyler Bird
Utah Valley University, USA

Cynthia Furse
IEEE Fellow, University of Utah, USA

Dan Christensen
Chair IEEE Senior Member Elevation

Jacob Gunther
IEEE Senior Member, Utah State University, USA

Call for paper

Important date

Abstract submission deadline

The Intermountain Engineering, Technology and Computing (i-ETC) Conference provides a forum for interaction among students, faculty, and industry. As contributors in the fields of engineering, technology and computer science, we join together to present research, product and technology demonstrations, and advances in higher education.

Prospective authors from universities, research institutions, government departments, and industry are invited to submit a full paper electronically with a maximum number of six pages. Authors should follow the IEEE format for their manuscripts. Template can be downloaded from this page of All papers will be peer reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. All papers presented at i-ETC 2022 will be published in the i-ETC 2022 conference proceedings and posted in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Accepted papers should follow the IEEE conference format and be checked with IEEE pdf eXpress for compatibility. 

We also invite undergraduates and graduate student researchers to participate in the student research poster competition. Abstracts of posters presented at the conference will be published in the i-ETC 2022 proceedings, but not posted in the IEEE Xplore.

Full participant registration fee is $200 ($150 early), and $80 per full-time student participant ($50 early), or one-day conference registration is available for industry participants at $100. Early bird registration deadline is March 18, 2022.

Conditions for i-ETC Registration, Publication and Awards:

An i-ETC author can present multiple papers/posters at the conference with only one registration.
A paper is qualified for the student paper awards if the first author is a student who registers and presents the paper at the conference.
A poster is qualified for the student poster awards, if the first author is a student and one of the student authors registers and presents the poster at the conference.

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    May 13



    May 14


  • Jan 31 2022

    Abstract Submission Deadline

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