112 / 2023-09-19 22:51:45
Study on the law of electrothermal energy exchange of EEDs under different electromagnetic characteristics
Electro-Explosive Devices; Electromagnetic; Time Domain Response; Mathematical Model; Energy Exchange
Final Paper
Yun Zhang / Xidian University
Zhao Tuan / Shaanxi Institute of Physics and Chemistry
The theory and algorithm of electrothermal energy exchange are applied to the study of time-domain response of electromagnetic signal characteristics of electro-explosive devices(EEDs). Based on the antenna theory and transmission line theory, the mathematical model of electromagnetic wave time domain response of different signal characteristics of EEDs was established, and the time domain response characteristics of electromagnetic field of typical EEDs were calculated and analyzed. The time domain characteristics of response of EEDs in electromagnetic field were tested and studied based on the characterization method of electromagnetic induction energy of transducer. The experimental results are consistent with the calculated results.

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