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Intelligent Condition Monitoring of Network Devices in Fault Recording Systems
fault recording,network structure,intelligent node,Status Monitoring,fault prediction
Final Paper
Qimeng Liu / State Grid Jibei Electric Power Co. Ltd. EHV Power Transmission Company
Haochuan Fu / State Grid Jibei Electric Power Co. Ltd. EHV Power Transmission Company
This paper is based on the fault recording in the power system relay protection application business, based on the characteristics of the fault recording network, optimise the end network structure, and achieve intelligent node substitution for the communication network. On this basis, the network equipment status monitoring system of fault recording wave is established, real-time monitoring, early warning, to understand the health level of the equipment, to establish the whole life management account of the network equipment of the fault recording wave device, to carry out the whole process management of the network equipment, to carry out key monitoring and tracking of the equipment by using the system, to achieve fault prediction for the communication equipment alarm, network failure, link interruption, etc., to provide the basis for decision-making, to optimise the defect management process, improve field efficiency, control the risk of grid operation, and significantly improve the management level of relay protection and power system network equipment.
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