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PVDF-based Sensing Technology of Dynamic Characteristic for Rotation Shaft
PVDF,Rotation Shaft,Dynamic feature text
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Fei Gao / Xidian University
Yun Zhang / Xidian University
Jing JI / Xidian University
Zhi Zeng / Xidian University
Qingke Shen / Xidian University
BingKai Wu / Xidian University
Vibration and high temperature are important indicators to evaluate the service life of rotating machinery, and are also the main reasons for the failure of rotating equipment. Therefore, it is urgent to monitor the vibration and temperature of rotating machinery. However, the problems of large size, poor flexibility and poor ductility of traditional sensors make it difficult to install on the measured object on the curved surface. Therefore, the research and preparation of flexible sensors with high sensitivity, good flexibility and impact resistance has become an important research direction. In this paper, PVDF piezoelectric film sensor and PVDF temperature sensor are prepared, and the dynamic characteristic testing system of rotating shaft is designed and applied in the system. It solves the defects of poor flexibility and inflexibility of traditional sensors, and helps to improve the condition monitoring performance of rotating equipment.
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