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Damage diagnosis of rotary structure of large reclaimer based on dynamic modeling
reclaimer,rotary structure,kinematics simulation,finite element analysis
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Fengsheng Li / Ltd.;CHNENERGY(Tianjin)Port Co.
Decai Li / tianjin university
Weichong Cao / Ltd.;CHNENERGY(Tianjin)Port Co.
Jiashuo Dong / Tianjin University
Mantang Hu / Tianjin University
国锋 王 / 天津大学
The rotary structure is an important part of the reclaimer, and the safe operation is directly related to the stability of the whole machine. In view of the long-standing problems such as structural corrosion and surface peeling during the operation of the reclaimer, this paper takes the 6000 t/h reclaimer as the research object and reconstructs the rusted structure of the overall structure of the rotary platform. The meta-analysis carried out the simulation analysis and structural stress calculation of the rotating structure. Through the strength check and analysis of the current corrosion state of the structure and the working conditions of the structure after further corrosion, the stress distribution of the rotating steel structure can be obtained in time, to avoid accidents during production operations and affect the normal operation tasks. The optimal design of the bucket wheel structure and its simulation analysis provides specific ideas and a theoretical basis.
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