179 / 2023-11-30 17:38:01
Original cuts of quartz tuning fork for temperature sensor designed by image automatic generator
SAW temperature sensors,new cut,frequency temperature characteristics,integrated cut design generator
Final Paper
Qizhou Wang / Xidian University
Ziyu Wang / Xidian University
Jing Zhu / Xidian University
Jialong Wang / Xidian University
Meng ZHAO / Xidian University
Jing JI / Xidian University
This paper analyzes the design concept of surface acoustic wave quartz temperature sensors, considering the selection of vibration modes and methods to improve sensitivity and reduce nonlinearity. This article introduces a quartz temperature sensor cut design generator for designing a quartz tuning fork surface acoustic wave temperature sensor, which can automatically calculate important parameters of the quartz sensor, thereby quickly obtaining theoretical results of various

parameters of any quartz cutting shape and presenting them in a visual manner. A new cutting YXwl design was proposed. It works best in flexural vibration mode. The cut has been proven to have good sensitivity and linearity.
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