MKSSS’s Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Karve Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India invites you to join us for a 1st International Conference on AIML-Applications for Engineering & Technology. This groundbreaking conference promises to be exciting. Technology leaders, inventors, and researchers will come together at ICAET 2025, which is set for January 16–17, 2025, to discuss cutting edge developments in computers and technology. Take part in thought-provoking conversations, establish professional connections, and help shape technology’s future.

ICAET 2025 is a significant event that showcases technological innovation and cutting-edge computing paradigms. In order to explore and exchange developments in AI, cybersecurity, blockchain technology, IoT, and other important areas of technological innovation, the conference seeks to bring together bright minds. Scholars, business executives, and researchers have the chance to work together, exchange ideas, and influence technology’s course.

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    Jan 16



    Jan 17


  • Aug 30 2024

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  • Jan 17 2025

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