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The Macromolecular Materials Gordon Research Conference (formerly "Polymers West") has a long-standing tradition as a GRC that features a breadth of the most exciting and state-of-the-art aspects of macromolecules. The 2013 meeting will extend this tradition with an interdisciplinary program connecting synthetic, physical, chemical and biological aspects of macromolecules in thematic programming. Meeting topics will include an exploration of hierarchical structures with macromolecular building blocks, new synthetic techniques that enable the exploration of new applications, electronically active polymers for integration into novel emissive and energy conversion devices, macromolecules that define the polymer/biology interface, the interplay between chemistry and mechanics in soft materials, and the rich and unusual behavior of macromolecules when present as thin films. It is essential that this GRC provides participants and attendees with a forum from which new collaborations and new ideas emerge, and as such the meeting format ensures that speakers deliver in-depth talks that include emerging and unpublished data. As a trademark of a successful GRC, ample discussion time will be provided following each talk, and the afternoons of each meeting day will be unscheduled, leaving time for excursions and informal discussions among participants. Macromolecular Materials will host a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on the weekend prior to the GRC. The GRS provides a GRC-like meeting experience, consisting solely of younger researchers (graduate students and postdocs) who organize the meeting, and present talks and posters on their research, in a GRC-style. The topics of the 2-day GRS will also be centered on macromolecules, and attendees are encouraged to stay for ensuing Macromolecular Materials GRC. Ventura, CA is an exquisite location for a January meeting, with many activities available for afternoon excursions, including the Channel Islands for whale watching, the many beautiful "Central Coast" vineyards in the Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez area, and the pleasant surrounding beaches. This atmosphere, combined with the intimate and interdisciplinary nature of the Macromolecular Materials GRC, guarantees a memorable meeting that will enrich the future scientific endeavors of the participants.
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