The first workshop on combining modelling and search-based software engineering will be co-located with the 2013 International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE). Modelling plays a vital and pervasive role in software engineering: it provides means to manage complexity via abstraction, and enables the creation of larger, more complex systems. Search-based software engineering (SBSE) offers a productive and proven approach to software engineering through automated discovery of near-optimal solutions to problems, and has proven itself to be effective on a wide variety of problems. The goals of this workshop are to highlight that SBSE and modelling have substantial conceptual and technical synergy, and to identify and present opportunities in which they can be combined, whilst also aiming to grow the community working in this area.

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TOPICS OF INTEREST > SEARCH-AMENABLE REPRESENTATIONS OF MODELS Can we use direct representations of modelling formalisms (e.g. graphs) or do we need a genotype-phenotype mapping? Are there generic representations for models, or are problem-specific rep


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  • 20 May.


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