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The Gordon Research Conference on Computer-Aided Drug Design has been a premier conference in its field for more than three decades. During this period, there has been an ever-increasing interest in the application of computation to drug discovery, ranging from the all-atom simulation of molecular systems to the canonicalization and organization of molecular information. Some approaches, in particular molecular informatics, are now cornerstones of any drug discovery process. Statistics, data mining, machine learning and related concepts pervade today's drug discovery and development activities. An ever-important aspect of such research is the evaluation of progress: Is one method actually better than another? The program will be an unusual mix of cutting-edge, largely unpublished work in computational drug discovery, and lectures from experts outside the field who can give a broader view of the fundamental problems listed above and thus can illuminate the field’s greatest opportunities. A four pronged approach is planned. (1) To canvas for presentations of techniques from which investigators might gain insight and which are less-well known than such value might imply. (2) To solicit work and presentations on major statistical issues in the field of CADD, namely the incorporation of error in both experimental data and computational process in the construction of models, methods to address over-parameterization of models, the assessment of the consequences of the non-ideality of retrospective datasets derived from the medicinal chemistry process, and the use and choice of appropriate NULL models in assessing new approaches. (3) To ask for allocutions from senior members of the field as to how statistical standards might be established and, finally, (4) presentations of perspectives from other disciplines. In addition, it is planned to have hands-on sessions where attendees may work with community data or bring their own and gain advice from experts. It is hoped that this conference will lead to regular self-assessment in the field of molecular modeling, standards for publication and presentations and help advance the rigorous discrimination of approaches to drug design and discovery. The 2013 conference will for the second time take place in Mount Snow Resort, VT. It will bring together experts from industry and academia for the presentation of cutting-edge research and for open and stimulating thought exchange. As in the past, there will be ample time for discussion. Discussion sessions are lively and controversy is welcomed. All conferees are encouraged to present posters, wherein new science is presented along with statistical validation of the results. This meeting is typically oversubscribed, and we encourage submission of applications by early 2013. Participants will be a mix of researchers from industry, academia, and government, of different ages, backgrounds, and countries. Despite the popularity of the conference, this particular set of topics is especially pertinent to students, postdocs, and young investigators new to the field, who therefore should not hesitate to apply.

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