Study on Coding Scheme with EPC-MIMO Radar in Clutter-Free Scenario
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In this paper, an element-pulse coding (EPC) based multiple-input multiple-output radar is developed and a coding scheme for resolving range ambiguity in clutter-free scenario is studied. The fundamental transmit and receive procedures are established and the relationship between encoding and decoding are presented. To address the range ambiguity issue, the EPC entries in element dimension are extended to be an arbitrary permutation of the Fourier basis entries. The beampattern is designed to extract the desired target signal while suppressing targets from nuisance range regions. Both conventional and enhanced array beamforming methods are discussed. Simulation examples are provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Multiple-input multiple-output radar; elementpulse coding; range ambiguity; Fourier basis; array beamforming
Jingwei Xu
Xidian University, China

Submission Author
Jingwei Xu Xidian University, China
Hing Cheung City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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