Our Services

Aconf is a one-stop service provider for academic conferences globally.

Conference Affairs

Aconf offers standard conference services to manage the conference process and reduce operational costs while ensuring quality.

  • 1. Our account service pricing is based on the total number of participants/authors.
  • 2. The conference service process is standardized, open and transparent, which will help you to hold a successful conference.
  • 3. We ensure procurement transparency, avoid intermediary costs, and reduce overall cost.
  • 4. Services cover all over the world.
Event Models Supported

Offline Event Online Event Webinar Virtual Event

Academic Affairs
  • Abstract/paper management
  • Contribution/Presentation management
  • Speaker management
  • Achievement archive
  • Publishing affairs
Technical Affairs
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Homepage/website maintenance
  • New media management
  • Design works
  • Technical support for submission & contribution Management
  • Compose Invitation letter & invoice
  • Live broadcast & VOD
Business Affairs
  • Procurement negotiation
  • Business consultation & suggestion
  • Hotel selection and negotiation
  • Contract management
Conference Affairs
  • Sign-in & reception
  • Customer service for participants, authors and speakers
  • Accomodation, travel, tea break and food management
  • Exhibition construction, venue decoration and meeting room arrangement.
  • Registration management
Academic Affairs
  • Abstract/paper management
  • Contribution/Presentation management
  • Speaker management
  • Archivement archive
  • Publishing affairs
Conference Affairs
  • Sign-in
  • Customer service for participants, authors and speakers
  • Registration management
Financial Affairs

Aconf provides safe, legal and convenient financial collection, payment and settlement services for society, university and researchers to deal with the academic conference financial problem.

1. Money collection

1) We Support Online banking, international credit cards, Alipay, WeChat. We keep adding new methods of collection to keep inline with the global transaction methods

2) Support remittance and wire transfer in various currencies including USD, EUR, RMB.

3) Support cash receipts;

4) Our online payment gateway supports 153 currencies.

2. Invoice/tax issues

Based on the national laws and tax requirements of each country we help organizers to provide invoice accordingly. Organizers however need to cover the tax fees.

3. Payment, settlement and Auditing

Each payment must be authorized by the conference finance chairman. Within 10 working days after the meeting, the financial settlement of the conference shall be completed and the balance shall be transferred to organizers confirmed account.

4. Financial security

Conference financial head will manage the entire revenue and expenditure. With our system's support, the financial head can provide statement of accounts at regular intervals and keep all the financial vouchers.

5、Cross-border collection, payment, tax issues

We offer service all over the world with collection, payment, clearance and taxing. We can provide the financial management system requisites of IEEE and international organizations.

Aconf Video Service
Video Serives

Living broadcast, video record, achieve, transcode and VOD.

Aconf Publishing Service

1. Journal Publishing

Connect with high-level journals, create journal publishing opportunities for the conference, and coordinate the publisher.

2, Proceedings Publishing & Production

Collaborating with publishers with good fame, publish your proceedings;

Proceedings design, data processing and U disk production.

3. Plagiarism check & Translation

Operation & Organizing
Operation & Organizing

Operation works for Societies and Division including website management, new media operations such as official accounts, member management, daily notifications, and event operations.

Initiate, plan and operate academic activities in cooperation with academic institutions according to the needs of the subject.