Event Management

Aconf Event Management System is a tool to manage your academic events. Aconf not only contributes professional conference management system with online and offline supports to comprehensive step processes for your event.

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Aconf Webinar

Aconf webinar is online conference model which gives strong support to document/video presentation. Also Audio and video communication functions is covered.

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Video Conference

Aconf video conference gives a solution to audio and video communication and online presentation.

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Virtual Conference

For a virtual conference, the participants do not attend the conference physically. They upload and share presentation files and video files online. And a simple way was given for discussion.

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Solutions for Institutions

Customized solutions will meet the requirements from various organizations!

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Conference Service

Aconf offers standard conference services to manage the conference process and reduce operational costs while ensuring quality. The number of attendees, participant fees and conference services are all mapped into the account service.

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Video Service

Live video broadcast, video recoding, Transcoding and vod.

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Publishing Service

Journal & proceedings publishing service for conference.

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Operation and organizing

Society operation and event planing & organizing.

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