Current version 1, published on 1st January, 2018

The website www.aconf.org (including all applications derived from it, hereafter referred to as Aconf) will aim to cover all conferences with good quality. The conferences submitted by users which we consider as poor-quality conference especially those fake conferences or conferences for predatory publishing, will be deleted immediately without any notice to the user. All the damage caused due to this shall be undertaken by the user, and Aconf will not be liable.

The conference details available in Aconf are submitted by user or from internet. All conference appearing in Aconf has been verified and edited as per our standards before approval. But users still need to verify the information carefully and Aconf will not promise the information are all correct and true. If some damage happen while users attend the conferences, Aconf cannot accept any liability. 

All conflicts or damages caused by the conferences hoisted on Aconf in between organizers and participants should be handled between them and Aconf cannot accept any liability.

If you believe documents of any type submitted by user or collected from internet and if the same material or content residing on or accessible through Aconf infringes a copyright. Please send us a notice of copyright infringement. We will take action immediately. Please visit https://www.aconf.org/contact.html for getting in touch with us.