Fusion of hyperspectral and multispectral infrared astronomical images
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This paper presents a data fusion method dedicated to high dimensional astronomical imaging. The fusion process reconstructs a high spatio-spectral resolution datacube, taking advantage of a multispectral observation image with high spatial resolution and a hyperspectral image with high spectral resolution. We define a regularized inverse problem accounting for the specificities of the astronomical observation instruments, as spectrally variant blurs. To handle convolution operators as well as the high dimensionality of the data, the problem is solved in the frequency domain and in a low-dimensional subspace. The fusion model is evaluated on simulated observations of the Orion Bar and shows an excellent spatial and spectral reconstruction of the observed scene.
image fusion; hyperspectral imaging; inverse problems
Claire Guilloteau
University of Toulouse, France

Submission Author
Claire Guilloteau University of Toulouse, France
Thomas Oberlin University of Toulouse, France
Olivier Bern? University of Toulouse, France
Nicolas Dobigeon University of Toulouse, France
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