Two-timescale Beamforming Optimization for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Enhanced Wireless Network
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Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) has drawn a lot of attention recently as a promising new solution to achieve high spectral and energy efficiency for future wireless networks. Prior works on IRS mainly rely on the instantaneous channel state information (I-CSI), which, however, is practically difficult to obtain for IRS-associated links due to its passive operation and large number of elements. To overcome this difficulty, we propose in this paper a new two-timescale (TTS) transmission protocol to maximize the achievable average sum-rate for an IRS-aided multiuser system. Specifically, the passive IRS phase-shifts are first optimized based on the statistical CSI (S-CSI) of all links, which varies much slowly as compared to their I-CSI, while the transmit beamforming/precoding vectors at the access point (AP) are then designed to cater to the I-CSI of the users' effective channels with the optimized IRS phase-shifts, thus significantly reducing the channel training overhead and passive beamforming complexity over the existing schemes based on the I-CSI of all channels. Simulation results are presented to validate the effectiveness of our proposed algorithm.
Ming-Min Zhao
Zhejiang University, China

Submission Author
Ming-Min Zhao Zhejiang University, China
Qingqing Wu University of Macau, China
Rui Zhang National University of Singapore, Singapore
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