Adaptive Beamforming Using Frequency Diverse MIMO Radar with Nonlinear Frequency Offset
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Unlike phased array adopting invariable carrier frequency, frequency diverse array (FDA) introduces a tiny frequency increment across the array elements, leading to a transmit beamforming associated with the parameters of range and angle. However, the beampattern generated by the conventional FDA is range-angle coupling, which is detrimental for target localization and interference suppression. In this paper, a new FDA scheme utilizing nonuniform element spacing and nonlinear frequency offset is proposed to provide a range-angle decoupled beampattern with narrower main lobe and no periodicity. Simulations and comparative results are presented to verify the superiority of the proposed scheme over the existing systems.
Ming Tan
Air Force Engineering University, China

Submission Author
Ming Tan Air Force Engineering University, China
Chunyang Wang Air Force Engineering University, China
Zhihui Li Air Force Engineering University, China
Juan Bai Air Force Engineering University, China
Lei Bao Air Force Engineering University, China
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