The association of phthalates in glass window films with living habits
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Phthalates are environmental endocrine disruptors, which can enter into human body through a variety of pathways and cause harm to human health. This study aimed to investigate the levels of phthalates in glass window films of university dormitories and to relate these to lifestyles. We selected the dormitories of students from 14 campuses of 13 universities in different urban areas of Beijing as the research object. The daily habits of the person were investigated through questionnaires, and the concentrations of 14 phthalates were measured in the window films. Based on the results of the questionnaire survey, we further explored the factors affecting phthalate concentrations. Strong positive associations were found between dormitory type and concentrations of DiBP, DMEP, DEEP, DCHP, DEHP, DnOP and ∑13PAEs; number of people indoors and DnHP concentration; duration of occupancy and concentrations of DnBP and DNP; daily ventilation duration and DiBP concentration; window cleaning frequency and concentrations of DCHP and DEHP. Strong negative associations were found between number of people indoors and concentrations of DMP and DnOP; window cleaning frequency and DMP concentration.
phthalates; glass film; dormitory; influencing factors
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范留佳 北京建筑大学
王立鑫 北京建筑大学
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