Dynamic and Tribological Performance of the Piston System Considering Cylinder Liner Vibration
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A new method is presented for the mixed lubricated piston skirt-liner subsystem in a four-stroke gasoline engine, with the consideration of the cylinder liner vibration. This method is established by coupling Multibody Dynamics, Thin-Film Flow and Solid Mechanics modules in real-time through COMSOL Multiphysics software. The Multibody dynamics module is used to characterize the relative motion between each component of the system. The Thin-Film Flow module, based on this relative motion, simulates the lubrication of the piston-liner friction pair, and is further coupled with the elastic deformation derived from the Solid Mechanics module to achieve the elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHD) simulation. In turn, the lubrication performance of the piston-liner friction pair affects the vibration of the cylinder liner through the Solid Mechanics module, and also influences the piston secondary motion through the Multibody dynamics module. Some physical parameters of the four-stroke gasoline engine, are investigated to reveal their influence on the dynamics and tribological performances of engine. Then, the dependences of performances on the rotation speed of the engine is also studied.
Cylinder liner vibration; Piston secondary motion; EHD; COMSOL Multiphysics
Bo Zhao
Department of Mechatronics Engineering;College of Engineering;Ocean University of China

Submission Author
Bo Zhao Department of Mechatronics Engineering;College of Engineering;Ocean University of China
Xinqing Hu Ocean University of China;Department of Mechatronics Engineering; College of Engineering
Baocheng Zhang Institute of Engineering;Ocean University of China
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