The 14th International Conference on Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility (INCEMIC 2016) will be held in Bengaluru, India from 06 – 09 December, 2016 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru

The Conference will cover the entire scope of electromagnetic compatibility. Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers on their latest research results.

The Main Conference falls on 08 & 09 December, 2016. A two day Workshop cum Tutorials on the latest trends in the field of EMI & EMC will be conducted by expert faculty on 06 & 07 December, 2016

Call for paper

Important Dates

Draft paper submission deadline:2016-08-26

Draft paper acceptance notification:2016-10-15

Abstract submission deadline:2016-08-26

Final paper submission deadline:2016-08-26

Topics of submission

  • EMC in Design 

  • NEMP / Non-NEMP, Lightning

  • EMC in PCB  

  • Intentional EMI

  • Circuit level EMC

  • EMC in Integrated Chip Level  

  • EMC Issues in UWB Systems

  • EMC in Electronic Packaging 

  • EMC in Railways and Transportation

  • EMC in Power System  

  • EMC in Biomedical Systems

  • Signal Integrity & High Frequency Design    

  • Automotive EMC

  • Intra System EMC

  • EMC in Wireless Communication

  • Intersystem EMC    

  • EMC in Communication Networks

  • EMC Instruments  

  • Operational EMC

  • EMC Measurement Technology  

  • EMI/EMC Education

  • EMI Protection Techniques    

  • EMC Management

  • EMC Testing

  • EMC in Satellite Communications

  • Computational Electromagnetics in EMC 

  • EM Spectrum Management

  • Antennas for EMC Measurement    

  • EM Environment

  • EMC Standards and Regulations  

  • EMC Innovation

  • EM Radiation Hazards  

  • EM Shielding Materials

  • Protection Models for EMC 

  • Nano-Technology in EMC

  • High Power Electromagnetics    


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Contact information

  • D. C. Pande

Sponsored By

  • Society of EMC Engineers (India)