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Fuzzy and rough set theories stand as two of the most prominent methodologies within the umbrella of Computational Intelligence to handle uncertainty in vague and inconsistent environments. They have enjoyed widespread success in a plethora of real-world application domains and remain at the forefront of numerous theoretical studies to consolidate and augment their well-established properties.

The second edition of the International Symposium on Fuzzy and Rough Sets (ISFUROS 2017) will take place at Valentin Perla Blanca Hotel, Santa Maria Key, in the province of Villa Clara, Cuba from October 24-26, 2017. It will be organized by the Universidad Central de Las Villas. ISFUROS 2017 aims at providing a forum for exchange on fuzzy and rough set theories and their applications. The symposium includes tutorials, invited key lectures and paper presentations.

ISFUROS 2017's goals are (1) to strengthen the relationships among researchers and institutions working on fuzzy and rough set theories, (2) to increase awareness of these topics among the Latin American research community and (3) to facilitate the contact between new researchers and consolidated groups.

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
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Submission Topics

Submissions of original and previously unpublished work on fuzzy and rough set theories and applications are encouraged, including but not limited to the following topics:


Fuzzy set theory

  • Mathematical and theoretical foundations of fuzzy sets, fuzzy measures and fuzzy integrals

  • Fuzzy control, robotics, sensors, fuzzy hardware and architectures

  • Fuzzy data analysis, fuzzy clustering, classification and pattern recognition

  • Type-2 fuzzy sets and computing with words

  • Fuzzy optimization, fuzzy heuristics, fuzzy metaheuristics

  • Evolving fuzzy systems

  • Fuzzy systems with big data and cloud computing, fuzzy analytics and visualization

  • Adaptive, hierarchical and hybrid (neuro- and evolutionary-) fuzzy systems

  • Fuzzy systems design and optimization

  • Fuzzy decision analysis, multi-criteria decision making and decision support

  • Fuzzy logic and its applications in industrial engineering

  • Fuzzy information processing, information extraction and fusion

  • Hardware/software for fuzzy systems

  • Fuzzy Markup Language and standard technologies for fuzzy systems

Rough set theory

  • Covering / neighborhood-based rough sets

  • Decision-theoretic rough sets

  • Dominance-based rough sets

  • Game-theoretic rough sets

  • Bayesian rough sets

  • Variable consistency / precision rough sets

  • Rough clustering

  • Rough computing

  • Rough mereology

  • Rough-set-based techniques in Pattern Recognition, Machine learning and Big Data

  • Rough sets in decision making

  • Rough sets in dimensionality reduction

Hybridization between fuzzy and rough sets

  • Theoretical foundations of fuzzy-rough and rough-fuzzy sets

  • Machine learning methods based on fuzzy-rough and rough-fuzzy sets

  • Decision making methods based on fuzzy-rough and rough-fuzzy sets

Granular Computing

  • Information granulation / degranulation methods

  • Granular clustering / classification methods

  • Interval analysis, shadowed sets, near sets, probabilistic sets, etc.

  • Granular frameworks / hardware / software


  • Astronomy

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Bioinformatics

  • Business Intelligence

  • Computer Vision

  • Cybernetics and Robotics

  • Cybersecurity

  • Finance / Retail / e-Commerce

  • Knowledge Management

  • Image Processing

  • Information Fusion

  • Internet of Things

  • Logistics

  • Machine Learning / Data Mining

  • Maritime Domain Awareness

  • Medicine and Health

  • Modeling and Simulation

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Natural Resources

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Risk Management

  • Security and Defense

  • Smart Cities

  • Web and Text Mining

  • Wireless Sensor Networks

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    Oct 24



    Oct 26


  • Jun 23 2017

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Jul 24 2017

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

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