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In order to carry out in-depth discussion on the strong driving force of the integration and innovation of culture & technology in the development of cultural industries, since 2012, Shenzhen University, along with the Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of CPC and the Nanshan district government initiated and held the Cultural and Technological Innovation Symposium (CTIS), under the guidance of the Department of Science and Technology for Culture, Ministry of Culture of PRC. The CTIS aims to create a high-end communication platform for the industry-university-research elites of culture, technology and policy from home and abroad. The five previous consecutive symposia were successfully held in Shenzhen, which have promoted a number of influential academic achievements which generated great attention. The CTIS is herein recognized as an academic brand for China’s cultural industries.

In today’s society of digitization, the digital creative industry, as a typical industry representing the integration of culture and technology, has become the new outbreak of development. The Thirteenth Five Year Plan: National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan has identified the digital creative industry as one of the five national strategic emerging industries. As a city with rich innovation resources and profound industrial base, Shenzhen is currently devoting itself to the establishment of a digital creative industry sourced with creative content, innovative models and talents. Thus, the theme of CTIS 2017 is set as Digital Creative Industries: Content Innovation and Technology Engine. The event will be held in Shenzhen on November 10-12, 2017. We are going to invite domestic and foreign guests from government, industry and academia who have renowned achievements in the field of culture, technology and digital innovation.  Digital culture, digital technology and their convergence will be explored. Meanwhile, the symposium will launch the Blue Book of Culture and Technology: Reports on the Cultural and Technological Innovation Development (2017) and The Translation Series of Liyuan Wenchuang. We are striving for developing the CTIS into a high-level, small-scale and regular international symposium in the area of cultural and technological innovation.

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Submission Topics


  • Digital culture and urban life

  • Digital reading and publishing

  • Digital  skills and literacy

  • Digital content innovation and traditional culture / intangible cultural heritage

  • Digital art and the digital installation in cultural venues

  • Digital creative industries and cultural policies

  • Technology driving force for digital creative industries

  • International experience of digital culture

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