According to the changing of global economy, Thailand’s economic highly depends on manufacture and service industries whereas the expansion in agricultural sector decreases in numerous areas and agriculturists. The movement of some agriculturists to the industrial and service sectors causes the problem of higher low quality labors. The vocational education reform is a way to solve the problem as stated by emphasizing on production and developing teachers and students to be quality. For this reason, the instructional model and curriculum development should be designed considering the academic and vocation increasingly.

The Faculty of Technical Education (FTE), King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) has continuously concentrated on producing and developing qualified technical teachers in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels while conducting and publicizing research in both technical education and engineering over 48 years. That is a consequence of the academic cooperation between the Thai Government and Federal Republic of Germany especially in the knowledge transfer regarding the “Engineering Teacher”. Until now, the FTE has always encouraged instructors, students, and researchers to conduct the research in vocational development in order to upgrade the career development and the sustainably learning developments. Moreover, knowledge networking on technical education especially with the Office of Vocational Education Commission (VEC) is aimed at increasing the number of academic staffs with graduate level that will be emphasized on the potential of knowledge transfer corresponding to the industrial demand. That is the concept of creating the master of learning models, which reflects on the research potential continuously.

The 10th National Conference on Technical Education and The 5th International Conference on Technical Education  will be organized under the theme of “Engineering and Technical Education for Sufficiency Economy”. The objective of The 5th  ICTeched is to provide an international forum for researchers, academicians as well as engineers to toward the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for to initiate, distribute, and exchange knowledge, new ideas, and application experiences about engineering and technical education that will contribute to the academic sustainable development.

Call for paper

Topics of submission

The conference will focus on fields of vocational and technical education, which scopes and topics are as follows may not be limited to these.

TRACK : Engineering and Technical Education

  • Mechanical Engineering and Education

  • Electrical Engineering and Education

  • Civil Engineering and Education

TRACK : Information and Computer Technology

  • Competency Based Learning

  • Digital Media Design: e-Learning, m-Learning, Computer Based Training

  • Work Integrated Learning, Cooperative Education

TRACK : Education Management and Administration

  • Curriculum Development and Learning

  • Dual Vocational and Higher Education

  • Development of Vocational Qualification Framework

  • Technical Education Management

  • Vocational Administration

  • Recognized Prior Learning: RPL

TRACK : Educational Technology and Innovation

  • Educational Technology

  • Learning Technology and Innovation

  • Knowledge Management

Additional topics in Engineering and Technical Education will be considered.


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    23 Nov.



    24 Nov.


  • 15 Aug.


    Draft paper submission deadline

  • 10 Sep.


    Draft paper acceptance notification

  • 10 Oct.


    Final paper deadline

Contact information

  • Miss Siriporn Yangsuay

Sponsored By

  • Faculty of Technical Education,
    King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok

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