We would like to extend our warmest invitation to participate in the 2017 International Conference on Mathematics and Information Technology (ICMIT 2017) that will be held on December 4 - 5, 2017 in the University of Ahmed Draya, Adrar, Algeria.

ICMIT 2017 will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of mathematics and information technology. The conference looks for significant contributions to all major fields of information technology as well as pure and applied mathematics. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform to researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field. The ICMIT 2017 offers a rich program, including keynote speeches, regular presentations, and posters sessions.

Call for paper

Topics of submission

Track 1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Multi-agent Systems

  • Natural language Processing

  • Robotics and control

  • Bioinformatics

  • Pattern recognition

  • Brain-machine interface

  • Game Theory

  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

  • Vision, recognition and reconstruction

  • Hybrid intelligence+

  • Logic theory for AI

  • Mathematical theory for AI

Track 2: Information Retrieval, Databases and Data Warehouse

  • Information Retrieval models

  • Data mining

  • Big data analytics

  • Query formulation, processing and optimization

  • Ontology and Schema Matching

  • Privacy-preserving data integration and management

  • Multimedia Retrieval

  • Multilingual IR

  • Heterogeneous data/information integration

  • Data representation

  • Information and Data Management

Track 3: Wireless and Mobile Communications & Networking

  • Cloud, Grid and Social Computing

  • Wireless Ad hoc, Mesh and Sensor Networks

  • Vehicular Networks

  • Delay Tolerant Networks

  • Body Area Networks

  • Cloud Networking

  • Cellular Systems, 3G/4G and beyond

  • Peer to Peer Networking

  • Reconfigurable Wireless Networks

  • Resource and Mobility Management

  • Cross-Layer Design and Optimization

  • Performance Analysis and QoS Provisioning

  • Network Planning, Capacity Analysis, and

  • Monitoring and Network Management Algorithms

  • Network Reliability, Privacy & Security

Track 4: Mathematical Analysis and Applications

  • Analysis and approximation of PDE

  • ODE and dynamical systems

  • Stochastic differential equations

  • Pseudo differential operators

Track 5: Probability and Statistics

  • Statistics of random processes and fields

  • Change-point problems

  • Analysis of time series

  • Theory of Extreme Values

  • Queuing theory and Applications


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    04 Dec.



    05 Dec.


  • 20 Jul.


    Draft paper submission deadline

  • 10 Sep.


    Draft paper acceptance notification

  • 30 Sep.


    Final paper deadline

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