Therapeutics Discovery, Phase 1 and early phase clinical trial activities are the target of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enter the world of making and marketing new medicines.

KAIMRC as a prime biomedical research institute in the KSA and the region, is leading the path to establish therapeutics discoveries and development platforms. Moreover, with renowned researchers, medical doctors, experts and professional clinical trial facilities, KAIMRC is playing important roles in clinical trials aiming to enter phase 1 and early phase new drug development.

KAIMRC conference on “Therapies Discoveries From Bench to First In Humans Trials” will provide an interdisciplinary forum for scientific investigators interested in the latest trend in therapeutics discoveries approaches, advanced drug delivery system and clinical trials that would be covered in the following sessions:

Phase I Clinical Trials: Challenges and Opportunities
Disease Specific Early Clinical Trials
Therapeutics Discovery: Niches and Paradigm
Advanced and Targeted Drug Delivery Technologies
Small molecule drugs vs Biologicals (Antibody and CART)

KAIMRC conference will provide a new platform where experts from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab World, North America, Europe and Asia will share their insight and wisdom on the latest trends on new therapeutic discoveries and development in various disease areas, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

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    12 Oct.


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