ISOCC 2017 is held with a theme of "SoC for Intelligent ICT". Recent IoT trend heavily depends on small things with various sensing capabilities, a certain level of intelligence, seamless wireless connectivity, ultra-low power consumption and sometimes batteryless operation. Such small intelligent things cannot be realized without a semiconductor system on a chip or SoC. Intelligent SoC senses and aggregates wanted information from outside, processes them to a desired way, and create values for humans. It can be applied to human wellness, robot industry, bio/medical health, and automotive, automated factory, and so much more. In this conference, we try to open a forum to discuss on key issues and hurdles to realize the intelligent SoCs and see what the future SoC will look like. We welcome all the researchers and colleagues from industries, academia, and research institutes to ISOCC 2017 to make this conference a valuable, enthusiastic, insightful, and enjoyable academic event in Korea. 

Call for paper

Topics of submission

Topics include, but are not limited to :

  • Analog Circuits
    Analog Circuits/Amplifiers and Filters/Power management circuits

  • Data Converters
    Analog-to-digital converter/Digital-to-analog converters/Analog circuits for data converters

  • RF/Microwave/Wireless
    RF circuits and transceivers/Microwave and Millimeter-wave circuits/Wireless communication circuits

  • Wireline
    High-speed interface/Wireline link

  • Digital Architecture and Systems
    Multimedia Systems & Image Processing Applications/Digital Signal Processing & Communication Systems/Embedded Software and Systems

  • Digital Circuits and Memories
    Digital Integrated Circuits/Hardware Security/Nanoelectronics and Gigascale Circuits and Systems/Memory Circuits & Systems

  • SoC Design Methodology
    Software & Algorithm/Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning/HW-SW Co-design/Embedded SoC/SoC Testing/Design Verification/FPGA design/Signal Integrity / Interconnect Modeling and Simulation

  • Circuits and Systems for Emerging Technologies
    Neuromorphic Computing/Sensory Circuits and Systems/Biomedical Circuits and Systems/Automotive Circuits and Systems/IoT/IoE Circuits and Systems/3-D ICs and SoC Packages


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    05 Nov.



    08 Nov.


  • 07 Jul.


    Draft paper submission deadline

  • 04 Sep.


    Final paper deadline

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  • Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers
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