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It is my great pleasure to invite you, on behalf of the Council of the European and Mediterranean League against Thrombosis, to the 25th International Congress on Thrombosis to be held in Venice on May 2016.

As you all are aware of, thrombosis (coronary, cerebral and venous) accounted for two of three deaths in 2010 (Lancet 2012; 380:2095-128). Prevention and treatment of thromboembolic events is therefore a main issue in medicine that involves all the components of health care system. Recently, a strong boost in this field came from the introduction of new antithrombotic agents whose use is expanding with the need of more information by real-life studies. Thus, ICT is an important venue to compare clinical experiences and learn new advances in basic and pharmacological sciences. 

The Scientific Programme will be primarily devoted to young scientists and physicians with ‘meet the expert’ sessions early in the morning. ‘Pros’ and ‘cons’ debate will also stimulate discussion with the audience. Main lectures relevant to thrombotic hot topics will be also hosted and sponsored symposia will take place as lunch sessions.

Keynote lectures will be delivered by a distinguished international faculty, while a large number of selected free communications will report new data from basic research laboratories and clinical centers around the globe. A program committee, made of experts, has been appointed to prepare a high-quality scientific program that, we are sure, will meet all the expectations and needs of the numerous participants to the meeting.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the Congress will be held in one of the most attractive locations in the world. Venice is a unique city, which has preserved its structural integrity over the centuries; from a natural, artistic, and historical point of view it is a veritable treasure. We are confident that all these fascinating features will make ICT 2018 a wonderful and unforgettable event.

We look forward to welcoming you in Venice.

Call for paper

Submission Topics

OACS for stroke prevention in atrial fbrillation 
DOACS in patients with VTE 
Duration of anticoagulation in VTE 
Prevention of thrombosis 
Thrombolysis and/or thrombectomy in ischemic stroke 
Atrial fbrillation and stroke
- Beneft vs risk of long term anticoagulation
- To treat or not to treat CHADSVASC 1 patients
- Cardioversion and risk of stroke
- Ablation of atrial fbrillation and stroke 
Atrial fbrillation: non pharmacological stroke preven- tion
 - Left atrial appendage closure-indications, techniques, and  outcomes
- Left Atrial Appendage Closure With Watchman Device: Long-  Term Results
- A registry to evaluate real-world outcomes in patients with  AF treated with Watchman device
- Amplatzer occluders for left atrial appendage closure in  patients with atrial fbrillation 
Treatment of patients with pulmonary embolism
- Risk stratifcation: focus on intermediate risk
- Thrombolytic therapy: when and to whom
- DOACs to every one?
- Home treatment: are we concerned?
Treatment of Chronic Tromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension
- Residual clot and long-term complications in patients with  PE
- Best practical guidelines
- European registry
- Italian experience on pulmonary endarterectomy: focus on  NYHA class II patients 
Basic science in thrombosis
- Contact system activation on endothelial cells
- Platelet secretory behaviour
- Endothelial progenitor cell-capture stent in myocardial
- Proteomic signature of endothelial dysfunction identifed in  patients with acute ischemic stroke

Atherosclerosis and its complications
- Which antiplatelet therapy in minor stroke?
 - Atheroma burden and morphology in women
 - New perspectives on the prevention and management of  peripheral artery disease
- Impact of carotid artery stenting on cognitive function 
Antiplatelet treatment and its monitoring
- Aspirin: an old drug for newer indications
 - The potential of the newer antiplatelet therapies
 - Value of adding antiplatelet to anticoagulant drugs for  prevention of CHD
- Aspirin in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery
 Thrombosis in women
- Risk of AMI and stroke in women on hormonal treatment
- Preventive strategies in thrombophilic women during  pregnancy
- Hormone replacement therapy: benefts and risks
- Recurrent pregnancy loss
 Cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT)
 - Search for occult cancer in patients with unprovoked VTE
 - Role of biomarkers for assessing the risk of CAT
 - DOACS for the management of CAT
 - Prevention of CAT in patients undergoing chemotherapy 
Management of the post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS)
- Infammation and PTS
 - Elastic stockings for prevention and treatment of PTS
- Catheter-directed thrombolysis and prevention of PTS
 - The potential of the DOACS for prevention of the PTS 
Treatment of incidental PE in cancer patients Hormonal treatment in women with thrombosis 
Monitoring of the DOACs 
CUS or whole leg investigation in clinically suspected DVT Length of thromboprophylaxis in admitted medical patients Venous and arterial thrombosis: is there a link Anticoagulant treatment of SVT 
Patent foramen ovale and cryptogenic stroke: to close or not
  to close 
Duration of dual antiplatelet therapy after PCI and stenting VTE prophylaxis in knee arthroscopy

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