International Ural Conference on AC Electric Drives has been held regularly since 1968 and will be held for 17th time in 2018. Traditionally the conference provides a discussion platform for scientists and specialists in research, development, production and operation of AC electric drives. Participation of the leading Russian scientists in the conference determining the level of domestic science in the field of electromechanical systems of alternate current, allows giving objective assessment of the reports presented at the conference. Participation of industry experts in the conference allows to evaluate the results of implementation of AC variable speed drives and to outline the ways of their extended application. Participation of young scientists and engineers in the conference creates the necessary prerequisites for approbation and correction of their research and development. Participation of foreign researchers in the conference contributes to the search for the new and development of existing international scientific contacts.

The aim of the conference is to promote informing the scientists and practitioners of the most promising areas of research and achievements in the field of the automated AC electric drives.

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Conferences topics:
1. Electrical machines for automated AC electric drives
2. Power electronic converters for AC electric drives
3. EMC and power quality of AC electric drives
4. Sensors and condition monitoring for AC electric drives
5. AC electric drives control
6. AC electric drives modelling
7. AC electric drives industrial applications
8. AC electric drives in transport
9. Multiple AC motor drives
10. Energy-efficiency technologies using AC electric drives
11. Alternate and renewable energy sources

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    Mar 26



    Mar 30


  • Dec 31 2017

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