On behalf of ICE – the Italian Trade Promotion Agency which supports the internationalization of Italian enterprises abroad, I would like to welcome all of you - exhibitors, visitors, professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as the organizers of this important event in the field of environmental protection and energy efficiency.

Each one of us takes actions affecting the environment and each of us should contribute to address the growing problem with regard to waste, a problem which must be solved at a local and global levels.

Fortunately, many people realize more clearly the hidden dangers and the European countries commit themselves to more resolute actions aimed at protecting the environment. Worrying are the increasing quantities of waste – the European Community countries annually produce about 2 billion tons of waste and this quantity is constantly increasing - it is clear that this trend must be stopped and turned in a positive direction.

Energy efficiency, renewable energy, treatment and recovery of waste, are increasingly at the center of the plans aimed at environmental sustainability. So, the exhibitions and conferences Save the Planet, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy and Smart Cities fall precisely into the context of innovative sectors associated with these arguments and problems.

I have the pleasure to invite you to the stand of ITALY, organized for the first time at Save the Planet by our Agency, to meet the Italian companies which present their experience in building installations for sorting and processing of waste, anaerobic installations, as well as for composting of organic waste, for the production of energy from waste; innovative technology for recycling tires via microwave pyrolysis; systems for technologically advanced greenhouses; machines for tubular silage and composting in ventilated big bag sacks.

I hope that this first participation will result in beneficial cooperation to jointly solve the many critical issues affecting the environment.


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