There are two opposing perspectives that have resulted from today’s globalized world: One that promotes diversity, interconnectedness, and interdependence through open borders and intercultural collaboration as the antidote to the global problems of inequality, terrorism, and climate change. But not all subscribe to this notion, as another, more harmful view is characterized by ethnocentrism, prejudice, xenophobia, and implicit biases, which cause fear, exclusion, alienation, divisiveness, and violence. As intercultural communication scholars, it is our ethical responsibility to identify, analyze, and provide strategies and solutions to these problems and to create inclusive and integrated global communities through engaging intercultural and international dialogues. Integration of communities requires humanity to come together through compassion, empathy, shared values, common interests, and full participation of all people while acknowledging and respecting cultural differences. By sharing research from diverse interdisciplinary perspectives on intercultural and international issues, we can generate new ideas, new ways of thinking, and collective wisdom toward a brighter future.

Call for paper

Topics of submission

IAICS Is soliciting submissions that reflect diverse theoretical perspectives and empirical research in both quantitative and qualitative approaches.  Topics are broadly defined, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Studies on globalization

  • Culture and community building

  • Cosmopolitanism in culture

  • Language and culture

  • Discourse analysis and global implications

  • Nonverbal communication in intercultural contexts

  • Cultural identity

  • International conflict

  • Comparative literature and poetics

  • Cultural hybridity

  • Language teaching in intercultural communication

  •  Media and film studies across cultures

  •  Journalism and globalization

  •  Global communication and technology

  •  Public relations and advertising in global contexts

  •  Intercultural communication competency

  •  Intercultural and public policy

  •  Cultural studies

  •  Environmental studies

  •  Rhetorical studies

  •  Translation studies


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    Draft paper submission deadline

  • 15 Feb.


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