Buenos Aires is a multifaceted city that concentrates the symbolic and material elements of political and economic power and is a culturally and intellectually lively city. It is also a disproportionate megalopolis with huge social contrasts and the preferred site for social and political mobilization. The conference will be held in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, located in the city centre.

Class is back at the centre of the debate across the social sciences. From political economy to anthropology, from development studies to geography and from sociology to feminist studies, questions related to labour, its contemporary composition, configuration and position within currently existing capitalism, have been increasingly framed in class relations of inequality. Moreover, the return of the working class at the centre of politics makes class a timely issue to be discussed. The conference, to mark the border crossing to the southern hemisphere, will thus aim to add a class perspective to its traditional focus on work and employment relations in the broader political economy and to be the ideal meeting point to ‘cross borders’ between scholars from different disciplines and international backgrounds. 

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