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Traditionally, entrepreneurship and small business research has been regarded as a practical and relevant field, and offering knowledge to be used to solve various societal problems including job creation, the funding of new companies and industries, as well as regional development. As the field is becoming more and more institutionalised, the academic rigour in research has been emphasised at the expense of relevance, triggering an intense frustration among many entrepreneurship and small business scholars concerning the gap between relevance and rigour in our research – an issue that will be discussed when we meet at the RENT Conference in Lund 2017.

Call for paper

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Submission Topics

Possible sub-topics include:

1. Methodological challenges and research methods
2. Opportunity generation and early business development
3. Minority entrepreneurship
4. Gender and copreneurship
5. Technology and knowledge-based entrepreneurship
6. Family business, succession and business transfer
7. Entrepreneurship education, learning, and knowledge dissemination
8. Culture and community
9. Social entrepreneurship
10. Green and sustainable entrepreneurship
11. Entrepreneurial finance for new and growing businesses
12. Business models (growth, performance and internationalization)
13. Corporate / intrapreneurship and strategizing
14. Human capital, social capital and relational networks
15. Creative and artisan industries
16. Rural enterprise, regional development and tourism
17. Policy, support systems and infrastructure
18. Critical perspectives on entrepreneurship 
19. Technology and knowledge transfer 
20. Relevance in entrepreneurship research

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Nov 15



    Nov 17


  • May 15 2017

    Draft paper submission deadline