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We are pleased to announce that the workshop on “Impact of Exotic Nuclear Structure on Explosive Nucleosynthesis” will be held at Beihang University (BUAA) in Beijing, China from November 22nd to 24th, 2017, being hosted by International Research Center for Nuclei and Particles in the Cosmos (IRCNPC) and International Research Center for Big Bang Cosmology and Element Genesis (IRCBBC) in BUAA. The aim of this workshop is to address various aspects of nuclear structure that affect nuclear mass and reaction/decay rates, and to discuss their impact on nuclear astrophysics, with a particular focus on the synthesis of medium- to heavy-mass nuclei in explosive stellar environments. The workshop program will include the major topics both in experimental and theoretical researches on:

Experimental works of nuclear properties related to nucleosynthesis

  •  Recent progress in study of neutron-rich isotopes far from stability

  • (n,γ) and (γ,n) reactions and their impact on s- and r-process paths

  • Fission in heavy-element synthesis

  • Effects of nuclear isomers in nucleosynthesis

  • New ideas of nucleo-cosmochronometer/-cosmothermometer

  • New experimental techniques and facilities

Theoretical challenges to study the origin of medium to heavy nuclei

  • Global calculations of nuclear mass, deformation, and fission

  • Roles of neutrinos and nuclear weak response in astrophysics

  • Modeling the supernova, GRB, and neutron star and black hole merger dynamics

  • Developing nucleosynthesis code for r-, s-, γ-, νp-processes

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