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The objective of the International Conference on Business and Social Sciences 2018 (ICBS 2018) is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in  Business and Social Sciences. The International Conference on Business and Social Sciences (ICBS 2018) will be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 27-28 April, 2018.

This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Topics of interest for submission include, but not limited to:


  • Accounting I (Audit/Financial/Tax/ AIS)

  • Accounting II (Cost/Managerial)

  • Business Law and Business Ethics

  • Public Policy in Business / Business Strategy

  • Cases, Workshops, Special Sessions

  • E-Business

  • Economics I (Macro/ Micro theory)

  • Economics II (Applied and Empirical Research)

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Finance I (Financial Market, Derivatives, Investments)

  • Finance II (Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance)

  • Innovative Teaching I (Curriculum Design, Electronic Resources)

  • International and Global Business/Economics

  • Management and Organizational Behavior

  • Management Information Systems

  • Marketing/ e-Marketing

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Production and Operations Management

  • Quantitative Methods and Management Science

  • Student Papers in all Fields of Business and Economics

  • Supply Chain Management and Quality control

Social Sciences

  • Teaching and Learning the Arts

  • Arts Policy, Management and Advocacy

  • Arts Theory and Criticism

  • Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts

  • Visual Arts Practices

  • Performing Arts Practices: Theater, Dance, Music

  • Literary Arts Practices

  • Media Arts Practices: Television, Multimedia, Digital, Online and Other New Media

  • Other Arts

  • Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication

  • Aesthetics, Design

  • Language, Linguistics

  • Knowledge

  • Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness

  • History, Historiography

  • Literature/Literary Studies

  • Political Science, Politics

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Globalisation

  • Ethnicity, Difference, Identity

  • Immigration, Refugees, Race, Nation

  • First Nations and Indigenous Peoples

  • Sexuality, Gender, Families

  • Religion, Spirituality

  • Cyberspace, Technology

  • Science, Environment and the Humanities

  • Other Humanities

  • Sociology: concepts and practices

  • Geographical perspectives on spaces and flows

  • What are the behavioral sciences?

  • Psychology of the social

  • Where mind meets world: cognitive science as interdisciplinary practice

  • Economics as social science

  • Sociology and history: the dynamics of synchrony and diachrony

  • Philosophy’s place in the social sciences

  • Social welfare studies as interdisciplinary practice

  • Health in community

  • Horizons of interest: agenda setting in the social sciences

  • Research and knowledge in action: the applied social sciences

  • Social sciences for the professions

  • Social sciences for social welfare

  • Accounting for inequalities: poverty and exclusion

  • Social breakdown: dysfunction, crime, conflict, violence

  • Social sciences addressing social crisis points

  • Technologies in and for the social

  • Economics, politics and their social effects: investment, ownership, risk, productivity, competition, regulation and deregulation, public accountability, stakeholders, trust, worklife, resource distribution, consumption, wellbeing, living standards

  • Commonalities, differences and relationships between the social and the natural sciences: research methodologies, professional practices and ethical positions

  • Research methodologies involving ‘human subjects’

  • The social sciences in the applied sciences and professions: engineering, architecture, planning, computing, tourism, law, health

  • Political science as disciplinary practice

  • Investigating public policy

  • Law as a social science

  • Criminology as social science

  • Public health

  • Social sciences in the service of social policy: risks and rewards

  • Social transformations: structure and agency in social dynamics

  • Accounting for the dynamics of citizenship, participation and inclusion

  • Trust, social capital, social cohesion and social welfare

  • Politics in, and of, the social sciences

  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on politics, public policy, governance, citizenship and nationality

  • Security and insecurity, conflict and cohesion, war and peace, terror and anti-terror

  • The neo-liberal state and its critics

  • Policy measures: assessing social need and social effectiveness

  • Of human lifeways: anthropology in its contexts

  • Of human lifecourses: family, childhood, youth, parenting and aging

  • Of human origins: paleontology, primate evolution, physical anthropology

  • Ethnographic methods

  • Social meanings: language, linguistics, discourse, text

  • Cultural studies as a constitutive field

  • Social science stances: modernism and postmodernism; structuralism and poststructuralism

  • Where humanities and social sciences meet

  • Social structure and human culture: the sociological and the anthropological

  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on human differences

  • Identities in social science: generational, gender, sexuality, ethnic, diasporic

  • Perspectives on, and voices of, difference: multiculturalism and feminism

  • Religion and the human sciences

  • Health, wellbeing and culture

  • Human movement: migration, refugees, undocumented migrants

  • The dynamics of globalization, diaspora and diversity

  • Globalized economics: inequalities, development, ‘free’ and ‘fair’ trade

  • Developed and developing worlds

  • Inequalities in international perspective

  • Poverty and global justice

  • Human rights in global perspective

  • The local and the global

  • The natural and the social: interdisciplinary studies

  • Human environments

  • Sustainability as a focus of interdisciplinary study

  • Health and the environment

  • People, place and time: human demography

  • Environmental governance: consumption, waste, economic ‘externalities’, sustainability, environmental equity

  • Human interests in the natural sciences: the politics of the environment

  • Management as social science

  • Culture in organizations

  • Technology and work

  • The social dynamics of organizations

  • Human resource management

  • Workers’ rights

  • Corporate governance

  • Organizational and social sustainability

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Knowledge ecologies: embedded knowledge in the organizational setting

  • Tacit and explicit knowledge

  • Private and public knowledge

  • Scenario building and futures forecasting

  • Organizational change

  • Education as a social science

  • The learning sciences as an interdisciplinary endeavor

  • Action research: the logistics and ethics of interventionary social science

  • Teaching and learning the social studies

  • History teaching and learning

  • Economics teaching and learning

  • Geography teaching and learning

  • Technology in learning and learning about technology

  • Media studies as social science

  • Communications as a social science

  • Information and communications technologies

  • The social web: the internet in its social context

  • Human-computer interactions

  • Literacies as a social learning experience

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