The International Conference on Information Technology - New Generations (ITNG) is an annual event focusing on state of the art technologies pertaining to digital information and communications. The applications of advanced information technology to such domains as astronomy, biology, education, geosciences, security and health care are among topics of relevance to ITNG. Visionary ideas, theoretical and experimental results, as well as prototypes, designs, and tools that help the information readily flow to the user are of special interest. Machine Learning, Robotics, High Performance Computing, and Innovative Methods of Computing are examples of related topics. The conference features keynote speakers, the best student award, poster award, service award, a technical open panel, and workshops/exhibits from industry, government and academia.



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Social Activities
Preconference Reception (Track Chairs to meet authors), Evening, April 15, 2018
Conference Dinner Reception, Evening, April 17, 2018

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Call for paper

Author guidelines

Paper Submission
Authors should send a 6-page IEEE 2-column version of their original and unpublished work including 5 keywords in the to their respective track/session. Papers that do not fit the scope of any of the existing tracks should be submitted to General Track. Electronic submission in the PDF format or Word document is strongly encouraged. Per ITNG policy, except for invited papers, all papers will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings published by Springer. Selected papers presented in the conference will be considered for publication in a special issue of an international journal.

Topics of submission

Topics are included but not limited to the following:

•Networking & Communication

•Ad-hoc Networks

•Enterprise Networks

•Gigabit Networking

•Internet of Things

•Multimedia Communication

•Network Architectures & Protocols

•Neural Networks

•Social Networks

•Sensor Networks

•Wireless Communication



•Generative Programming

•Languages & Compilers

•Markup Languages

•Security & Cybersecurity

•Software Testing

•Software Metrics

•Software Dependability

•Software Development Approach

•Software Technologies

•Teaching and Learning Technologies

•Methodologies & Tools

•Big Data

•Bioinformatics & Biocomputing


•Cloud Computing

•Collective Intelligence and Crowdsourcing


•Data Compression

•Data Mining & Warehousing

•Document Analysis

•Fuzzy Logic

•Image, Audio, Video Processing

•Information Assurance

•Information Retrieval

•Machine Learning

•Quantum Computing

•Parallel & Distributed Computing

•Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

•Reconfigurable Computing

•Remote Sensing


•Visual Modeling

•Wearable Computing

•Web Technology

•Systems & Architectures

•Cooperative Information Systems

•Distributed & Grid Systems

•e-Health Care

•e-Learning, e-Commerce, e-Gaming

•Energy and Power-efficient Systems

•Entertainment Engineering

•Error Control Codes

•Graphics Hardware

•Green Technologies

•Hardware-Software Co-design

•Operating Systems

•Security Systems


•Application-specific Processors

•Bio Chips & DSP Chips

•Computer Arithmetic

•Embedded Systems, NoC

•Evolvable Hardware

•Multimedia Processors, Graphics

•Micro Electromechanical Systems

•Processing-in-Memory Technology

•PCB technology & Interconnect Design

•System on chip-Ad-hoc


General Chair

Shahram Latifi, Professor          ECE Dept, UNLV   

General Vice Chair      

Doina Bein, PhD                        CS Dept, CSUF     

Program Committee

Kohei Arai, Japan

Nader Bagherzadeh, USA

Wolfgang Bein, USA

Glauco Carneiro, Brazil

Narayan Debnath, USA

Vieira Dias, Brazil

Laxmi, Gewali, USA

James McCaffrey, USA

Teruya Minamoto, Japan

Yenumula Reddy, USA

Kashif Saleem, SA

Anna Scaglione, USA

Hal Sudborough, USA

Christoph Thuemmler, UK

Ping Wang, USA


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    16 Apr.



    18 Apr.


  • 27 Oct.


    Draft paper submission deadline

Contact information

  • Dr. DoinaBein
  • 6572784822

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